Situational Chinese

Daily conversational Chinese, trendy Chinese, cool verbal Chinese! This covers every aspect of living in China. The curriculum emphasizes on the practicality and usability, ran the gamut from daily necessities to traveling, guaranteed you that it is filled with fun. Integrating the learning of grammar with situational Chinese will double your result with half the effort.

The Situational Chinese curriculum includes the following sections: Situational Chinese, Language Highlights, Practice and Vocabulary. The articles are separated into independent themes, each complemented by the reading aloud of standard articles and slow replay. The Flash courseware curriculum is functionally incredible and scientifically structured. You will be amazed by how easily Chinese can be mastered this way.


  • Learn the practicality and usability of the basic language skills;
  • Learn the gamut from daily necessities to social lives in China;
  • Learn the language in every means of survival in China;
  • Learn to simply express your own views on social and culture aspects of living in China.


  • Foundation level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

Course structure:

  • Each level consists of:
  • 30 lessons, total 90 individual lessons;
  • Total length: each level consists of approximately 25 hours;
  • 90 sets of relevant exercises.

Useful Tips:

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Our teachers and students are participating the discussions on current events and affairs relevant to China with people around the world on daily basis. We invite to join our discussions, it's a great opportunity to put your study into real use.

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