Grammar references

In December I will take the HSK elementary and intermediate. As a grammar reference for this HSK, I bought 征服HSK汉语语法 Conquer HSK Chinese Grammar, by 北京大学出版社Peking University Press.

This book explains the (HSK) grammar in Chinese and in English. Also explains the answers of the HSK exercises in Chinese and in English.

I like the book... among other reasons because as it's been mentioned, it's bilingual.

However, my impression after taking a look at it is that it's a nice book to correct your grammar mistakes for HSK than as a real reference grammar book. More than explaining the grammar meanings, it focuses on pattern correct usage. Which of course is great to prepare an exam, but perhaps not so good to study on a general basis.

Also I don't really think it's aimed at beginners... lots of characters and deep vocabulary... but no pinyin at all.