Official introduction of The Basic Chinese Proficiency Test

I. Test Content

There are three sections for HSK (Basic) as follows:

Sections Question Number Duration
1 Listening 1-50 about 35 minutes
2 Grammar 51-90 40 minutes
3 Reading 91-140 60 minutes

II. HSK (Basic)scoring system

1, A section score of HSK (Basic) is a scale score between 0 and 100, with 50 as the score mean and 15 as the standard deviation. The total score ranges between 0 and 300 as the total of the section scores. The section scores show the relative position of the candidate in a standard sample group. And the table below helps to locate the relative position of a candidate in the whole group. The second line indicates the percentage occupied by those whose scores are lower than the corresponding scores in the standard HSK reference group.

HSK (Basic) Section Scores and the Percentage

Section score 100 76 67 60 55 50 45 40 33 24
Percentage 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

2, Score levels and certificate grades are determined by the total score and the criterion for different grades is as follows:

Certificate Types and Grades Score Levels Total Score Ranges
Types Grades
Basic Level C Level 1 100-154
B Level 2 155-209
A Level 3 210-300

3, The precondition to be awarded a certificate is that the total score must reach the minimal within the score range.

4, Interpretation of the score levels:

There are three score levels for HSK (Basic) and their interpretations are as follows:

Level 1: The candidate has acquired the basic (low) Chinese competence. The candidate is able to understand simple sentences and express simple ideas and capable of simple communication in his or her daily life and study. A Chinese learner who has mastered about 600 common Chinese characters and the corresponding grammar can reach this standard, which is also the criterion for HSK (Basic) Certificate Grade C.

Level 2: The candidate has acquired the basic (middle) Chinese competence that can meet the demand of basic daily life, a certain range of social communication and study to some degree. This is the criterion for HSK (Basic) Certificate Grade B.

Level 3: The candidate has acquired the basic (higher) Chinese competence and can fulfill the minimal requirements in Chinese proficiency to be admitted to study in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, and West Medicine in Chinese universities for a Bachelor’s Degree. This is also the criterion to grant HSK (Basic) Certificate Grade A, which is equivalent to HSK (Elementary) Certificate Grade C.

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