Service Comparison

  Public Chinese Echineselearning ChinesePod
Free “trial” time for every new teacher
(e.g. free forever)
Minimum Cost to Start $0 $358 $684 $0
Choose your teachers
(i.e. selection of qualified professionals)
Learn at Anytime Anywhere
(i.e. on your terms)
Lesson Playback
(i.e. review your own lessons)
Personalized Lesson Content
(i.e. you decide what you learn)

Free Learning Materials
(i.e. carefully designed study materials)
Abundance Multimedia Resources
(i.e. access to any varieties of courseware)
Platforms & Learning Tools
(i.e. write, scribble and talk with your teachers)

Real time

Only with audio
Platform designed for learning
(i.e. with comprehensive whiteboarding, video and audio)
No download of software
(i.e. live lessons from any computer)
No Minimum Lesson Charge
(Pay per length of learning time)
No Cancellation Fee
(i.e. No penalty for cancelling a lesson)
Lifetime Credits
(i.e. you will never lose your money)
No commitment
(pay-as-you-go model)

25 hours minimum

48 hours minimum

1 month subscription
Price per Minute $0.18 $0.25 $0.285 -