What are SmartBeans?

SmartBeans™ are our unique “currency” at Chinese@Home – you can use SmartBeans™ to pay for all our services such as Courses & Lessons, Flexible Study Time and Query on Demand.

Pricing You can spend at the rate of ‘one Bean’ for ‘one Dollar’ on all our products, but since each Bean costs less than a Dollar to buy, you make great savings every time!   view all....

Products (SmartBeans™) Unit Price (USD) Saving when buying w/ SmartBeans™
150 140 10USD Buy
250 235 15USD Buy
500 460 40USD Buy
750 680 70USD Buy
1000 900 100USD Buy

How to buy SmartBeans

We accept most payment methods: Visa, Master, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal.