Query-on-Demand™ is the best way to get answers to any questions you have. Once you've purchased SmartBeans™ you can redeem them for Query-on-Demand™ answers. When a teacher accepts your request, you can ask your queries live and pay for their time using SmartBeans™.

Price table for Query-on-Demand

Mins/Hours Price(USD) SmartBeans™ Saving when buying w/ SmartBeans
15 minutes US$5
5 beans
10% Off Buy
30 minutes US$9.5
9.5 beans
1 hour US$18
18 beans
2 hours US$33
33 beans
  • Note: Use our "SmartBeans" and make great savings on the price of our teaching resources! Our Courses have the same price in U.S. Dollars as in SmartBeans - but 100 Beans only costs you US$90 so it always makes sense to pay in SmartBeans rather than cash.

From time to time, some teachers may offer their time to answer Queries at a discounted rate, while some more "in-demand" teachers will charge a higher rate - our CORS booking system will automatically show you what variable pricing we have today.