Organization and Group Learning

Do you provide services to organizations and groups?

Chinese@Home® has a special program catering for the demands of groups and organizations seeking to provide their staff with Chinese learning services. Many organizations have contacted us to teach Chinese to their employees in real time. The Chinese@Home® system is ideally suited to balancing the employees' learning needs with the demands of working 9-5.

At Chinese@Home®, we provide teachers with years of experience teaching students abroad. Many of our teachers have lived and worked overseas for years. Our group courses such as Chinese Culture, Chinese Business Etiquette, Chinese in Trade are popular with a braod range of international corporations. We work hard to incorporate feedback and experience from those organizations to enhance and improve our future offerings.

We have designed specific monitoring tools for the training managers to follow the progress and study results of their employees. This system has been widely praised by many of our customers.

If you have a need to provide group training in Chinese skills for your corporation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Here are some courses we offer to our customers. If necessary, we will be happy to design courses for your special needs.