I learnt about Chinese@Home through a friend’s introduction. After several lessons, I can't tell you how happy I am...

-Mary Holligand, San Francisco

Their ViSR (the online classroom) is the best online study tool I have ever seen. It's intuitive, feature-rich and smooth. Like I walked into a real class, if not better.

-J. Nguyen, INDIA

"I particularly like the interactive class and CORS system you provide – this is an extraordinary environment you have created – well done and thank you!

-Martin Kingston, Toronto

Running a successful financial service means that I rarely have the time to commit to learning another language, such as Chinese. However it is something I want to do. As a total beginner, there are two things important to me: firstly, having the flexibility of studying when it suits me and secondly, that I have a teacher who I can trust, and find it easy to get on with. I find it really refreshing that, provides just the sort of service a busy and demanding professional like me needs.

-Charlie Shelf

"It's flexible, practical, fun, accessible to us GuaiLou and it doesn't have two-hour lectures about obscure grammar points," says Louie. " lessons are more interactive and give students pronunciation and vocabulary drills that I have found very useful."

-Louie Watson, British International School

Colorful graphics, entertaining storylines and a variety of exercises that address speaking, listening, reading and writing-all within a cultural context. It's an exciting way to learn a difficult language! Keep it up!

-Elaine, USA

This is exactly what I'm looking for in a Chinese language program. The online One-on-one lessons provide great visuals –I also like being able to fit my studying time into my own schedule"

-Daniel Maidens, Sydney

The teachers I have encountered are well-qualified, the scheduling is extremely flexible, and the price is reasonable. I am recommending it to all of my students.

-Bluok Germany