Personal Translation and Proofreading
  • At Chinese@Home®, we have outstanding Chinese language specialists and professional translators. We differ from other language services by providing not only the best and most precise translation services but also personal contact between you and the translation professional. This is particularly useful for companies where precision is the first priority.
  1. Dedicated teaching professionals with many years of experience of translation and proofreading
  2. Competitive price and satisfactory customers
  3. Prompt service

Furthermore, our experts will also proof-read any Chinese translation material for errors.

Translating between:

  • English to Chinese;
  • Japanese to Chinese;
  • Chinese to English;
  • Chinese to Japanese;
  • Proof-reading of the above.

Contact us:

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  • Telephone: +8610 87363200
  • Fax: +8610 87365569


The First Days of School” proofreading

"Chinese at Home exceeded our expectations! Your staff provided comments that displayed a great attention to detail and a thorough understanding of our project goals. There were several occasions where your team simplified complex sentences that were long and cumbersome. That was excellent and exactly what we hoped for. Translating this book is such an exciting project for us. You and your team are playing an integral part making it all possible. Thank you again for your professional and timely service."

- Cindy Wong, COO of Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc., USA