One-on-one online Chinese learning (LiveClass™)

Free Services

Currently we provide two free Chinese learning programs: Character Trace-Over™ and Online Assessments. Using our feature-rich application interfaces, you can practice Chinese character writing and assess your Chinese skills.

Character Trace-Over™ (FREE)>>

You can trace over 3000 Chinese characters, following simple and intuitive steps. You can select the degree of complexity of the characters, and our computer system will instantly examine and score your results. Be sure to have a try!


Online Self Assessment (FREE)>>

This free service offers a comprehensive self-assessment of your Chinese ability, which is both fun and useful, allowing you to select the tests that are most appropriate to your level. Take the assessments as often as you wish, and enjoy the satisfaction of watching your skills increase!

How to learn Chinese online

Review, repeat and share all the Chinese lessons you have taken, over and over again, to ensure you get the full benefit of your studies. We also have a library of lessons that other students have taken, available for you to browse and purchase – and it’s growing all the time!

One-on-one Chinese Online Learning (LiveClass™)>>

By combining traditional one-on-one tutorial teaching methods with the latest advances in computerized education techniques, we have created an effective and powerful teaching service, with additional features you won’t find anywhere else.

Our qualified teachers are available 24/7, at times that suit your learning needs, and with our unique online teaching solutions, it’s easy to create the perfect Chinese language learning environment, as if you were in your own private classroom, with one-on-one teaching at its best!


Lesson Playback (AutoClass™)>>

A totally original and cost effective way to benefit from the lessons of fellow students! You can playback lessons between other teachers and students at any time, and as often as you wish. You can also obtain discounts on the cost of your learning by making your own lessons available to others. During playback you can enhance the experience by asking questions to online Chinese instructors in real time.


Interactive Query-on-Demand™>>

Ask questions of our online Chinese instructors during AutoClass™, in real time - this service is free of charge. Most students find that their Chinese skills can be improved dramatically by interacting with a real person.

Specialized Services

Do you need urgent help from a professional? Do you want to impress your colleagues with a joke or greeting in a Chinese meeting?
We provide catered services specially for you.

Chinese First Aid™>>

Our professional teachers are here to provide the best Chinese language services, tailored specifically for your needs!

If you need assistance with QUICK Mandarin Chinese training or Chinese translation correction, then Chinese First Aid™ is just what you are looking for.


Professional Translation and Proof-reading>>

Professional translation and proof-reading by our qualified Chinese teachers and translators is essential if your material needs to be published or presented to a global market to the highest standards.


Writing CV in Chinese>>

Chinese Curriculum Vitae design, translation and proofreading services with the help of Chinese language specialists

Daily Discussions (NEW!)

Would you like to discuss current events and affairs relevant to China with people around the world? Interested in learning about the latest Internet jargon in Chinese? Join our daily live discussions on Skypecast™. It's FREE! Start discussion